16 thoughts on “10 Quickest Cars of 1970: Muscle Car Of The Week Episode #201

  1. America never could make a good looking car….also their car mechanics and centres of gravities were way out to non existent and are still like that today….all noise and no show.
    The Eurpean and British muscle and supercars cars were and still are the kings of the roads today. America?? well they still have a long way to go.

  2. I would be interested to know what the time was for the 1969/1970 AMC AMX with the 390 Go Package. Tiny car with a lot of engine.

  3. In 1970, I owned a `66 Grand Prix with a 421 HO tri-power engine (rated @ 376 HP), 4-speed, with a 3.55 Posi 12-bolt. It showed it`s taillights to many of the cars in this video, it hauled ass pretty good for such a big boat.

  4. I like how the mopar guys seem to be cryin in these posts. lol If it hadn't been for John Delorean creating the GTO, there'd be no true muscle car to begin with.

    Oh!! and another bit of history for you mopar guys to wrap your head around with.

    Chevrolets Super Sport Package was introduced in 1961. That pre-dates the Dodge R/T's by about 5 years. Enough said. lol

  5. Most manufacturers elevated HP numbers circa 1970. Buick used the HP number that they reliably saw from the 1970 GS455 Stage 1. 510 lb/ft is no joke. That car makes torque by the bucketful almost all the time, and makes peak hp where it counts in the rev range. One of the keys: a comparatively light engine. Then there was the short-lived 455 Stage 2 package.

  6. This looks like an early release or prototype. The bezels around the blinkers were chromed like the gauges.

  7. at this late date I would be more than happy to own ANY 1970 Detroit MUSCLE! Heck give me 1970 Olds Rallye 350, or a 70 AMX,,, 390 Go Pack. Heck give me 1970 Dodge Dart GT. PLEASE DEAR GOD,,, ONE MORE GO BEFORE I DIE!!! I wanna hear Smoke On The Water on 8 Track to!!!

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