Living out a Full and Healthy Life

The quest for immortality has been one passed down the ages. Death, mankind’s greatest and oldest of enemies, has stood unyielding through the centuries despite valiant quests having been made inn the search for the elixir of life, the Tree of Life and Death and the Fountain Of Youth. It’s known by a hundred different names throughout the various cultures of man but as of yet it remains an elusive myth beyond our grasp. Perhaps that’s why we buy Genf20 and similar supplements; in the vain but very human hope that something out there will be the recipe that keeps our ailing bodies together.

Sane individuals have no hope for death. It’s something to hate. It’s something we can fight tooth and nail until it drags us kicking and screaming into the dark. We can take the steps now in this life to ensure that we don’t go into death fragile and sick. Read more “Living out a Full and Healthy Life”

A Better Way of Being Masculine

I’ve always been self-conscious about the volume of my ejaculations. It’s difficult to even admit that it’s a concern of mine to a bunch of Internet strangers but here I am, laying out a core issue that exists within my psychology. That’s how I discovered Semenax pills – the volume producing pill which helps a man achieve the appropriate amount of ejaculate that he feels suits him. I don’t know if it’s entirely healthy for me to define myself by such a thing but how can it be helped in a society that is so intensely sex driven?

There exists an unspoken masculine pressure from men upon other men; we are all in some contest with one another even if we never speak of it. We are all trying to be the most capable of men that a man can be..whatever that means. It’s ridiculous that we associate so much of our identity to sex. Read more “A Better Way of Being Masculine”

The Pill to Rule Them All

On an odd day, I received an email telling me that I could read about Vigrx Plus here. For some reason, I don’t know if it was the weather, or maybe it was just what I ate for breakfast, but I felt like clicking on that email. I followed through and went to the website that the email was linking me to, and found something that would change the course of my life. It was for a pill that could give me a better sex life. I didn’t believe it, because those kinds of pill where everywhere, but I was willing to try it.

The pill was free, so I didn’t have to bother paying with my hard earned money for something that may not have worked out for me. I’ll always take a chance on something when it is free. Read more “The Pill to Rule Them All”

A Healthy Life in Our Senior Years

Staying fit and healthy has become something of a trend both in the United States and Europe. Propelled forward by the social outcry against obesity, we’re delving deep into nutritional and fitness sciences in the hopes that we’ll find something to keep us all fit and healthy. For now, it’s going to take work no matter what kind of miracle cocktail we find and while some supplements have their place (read more about genf20 plus here), it takes drive, discipline and will to keep ourselves in a better state of health. It blows my mind how many people want to get fit but without of the work.

Maybe it’s not so surprising that this is the case. Read more “A Healthy Life in Our Senior Years”