19 thoughts on “2017 US Open: Venus Williams vs. Sloane Stephens Match Highlights

  1. This felt like a final with tremendous hitting from both players which set the stage for a Sloan final. Great match for both ladies.

  2. These female pros need to start saving those six figure paychecks, because trans men (he to she) will be dominating all women's sports within the next 5-10 years.

  3. Sloane Stephens played it tough against Venus Williams (a sure hall of famer) and has now IMO 'cemented' herself into the discussion as the 'heir' apparent to the Queen of them all STILL Serena Williams. CoCo Vanderweghe and Madison Keys are also on that list for sure after their showing at the Open, BUT they can't claim anything yet until one of them beats Serena. Until then however they will be Seren'a s new contenders for sure. Mark it down.

  4. Sloane is a great champion….but IF ONLY…a stroke, here…there…it might now be Venus holding that trophy.

  5. Sloane won key points here against Venus using a lob, a shot that's hardly used in tennis anymore. Thanks for showing how the lob can be an effective shot when done right, Sloane.

  6. Finally, a breakthrough! People had high expectations of Sloane a few yrs back, but then everybody forgot about her. Of course the doubters are still gonna say Sloane won the U.S. Open bc Serena is not here, but Sloane still beat a Williams on her way to the title beating Madison Keys in the final in straight sets. Congrats Sloane! You deserved it!

  7. For me it was a win/win situation but i am a little disappointed that venus did not make through. Great semi finals.

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