7 thoughts on “Abrupt Climate Change is Happening NOW!

  1. The party is over! it is like we as a human beings are having a party in the attic while de groundfloor is falling apart and collapsing.

  2. CO2, 2C, CH4, SLR, abrupt climate change … all this is irrelevant. It's disinfo and distraction – courtesy of the fake science gods on parade in the media – who are bought and paid for. Who is propping up all this hype from low level unintelligent researchers? Follow the money.

    Colleges, universities, public agencies, the fake science magazines, etc., hire the graduates from low level institutions – the University of Idaho, the University of Arkansas, the University of Arizona, the University of Alabama, etc., while the billionaires hire the magna cum laude from Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, etc. The difference in the IQ's between these two groups is typically 50 to 100 points which is equivalent to the difference in the intellect of an average adult vs an imbecile who can neither read nor write.

    The public gets their science reports, climate reports, etc., from imbeciles while the billionaires get their reports from the genius minds. The public gets fake science from imbeciles while the billionaires get their science from those with IQ's over 160.

    Why accept reports from imbeciles that can barely compose a complete sentence? Why accept reports from fake " science journalists "? Can you not see what's going on? Why accept reports from those who haven't studied Chemistry for decades, haven't studied Physics for decades, haven't studied hundreds of historic documents that present the history of our Earth in graphic detail … why accept reports from those that haven't read the reports in the captain's logs going back hundreds of years? Why accept reports from those who haven't studied the illustrations and photographs of Antarctica going back over 100 years? Why accept reports about our Earth from those who haven't studied bathymetric charts going back decades? Could bathymetric charts convey info on the elevation of the seamounts which would tell us about the heat coming off the seafloor? Why accept reports from those whose concept of the history of our Earth is based on theories? How can they provide a forecast for the future of our Earth when they don't have an accurate timeline for the past? All they have is unsubstantiated theories which contradicts hundreds of independent eyewitnesses going back over 600 years. The reports from the eyewitnesses are found in the captain's logs and hundreds of other historic documents – including illustrations, paintings, etc., going back over 600 years.

    All this deception is intentional. The disinfo is intentional.

    You may prefer to imagine that the billionaires care about truth, peace, justice, science, the well-being of the public, etc., but all of this is for those who have neither the courage nor the intellect to look at the evidence that's all around us.

    We are way past 2C … worldwide temperature data has been altered for nearly 20 years… to keep the public ignorant.

    CO2 is irrelevant, CH4 is irrelevant, SLR is irrelevant and abrupt climate change is irrelevant – why?

    Because the majority of the worldwide population will soon be killed by completely different forces.

    How do we know?

    Because the hundreds of independent historic documents – which are handwritten in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. – provide us with a timeline for the cataclysms of the past – that timeline is corroborated by thousands of other independent sources from all across the world. This evidence provides us with an awareness of the forces that have decimated our world in the past – so we know what to expect in the future. The public has been lied to about our past – the geological timeline of billions of years is intentional disinfo. The biblical timeline of 6,000 years is also intentional disinfo. The true timeline for our Earth is found in the hundreds of independent historic documents which the geologists never study – they're given grants to go out and gawk at geological anomalies and to then fabricate a fictitious history – that is exactly what they've been doing for hundreds of years. This fake history is then spoon-fed to the public by other fake science gods. This detachment from the reality of our world is so perverted and so extreme as to be insane – which is to say the fake science gods are insane and the public is also insane. The lies, lunacy and insanity infects every aspect of our public and private lives until the person rejects the lies and pursues the truth – then the deception becomes obvious.

    The action taken by the billionaires tells us they are clueless – they will die in the cataclysm because they are stupid and evil to the core. Their military ships cannot save them, their private yachts cannot save them, their unsinkable submarines cannot save them, their underground facilities cannot save them, their private jets cannot save them and their seed vault cannot save them – they will die, along with seven billion others. We expect very few survivors.

  3. All the undeniable scientific measurements, all the CO2 graphs and still many believe it's a hoax to tax the people. Jesus.

  4. Thank-you! You sure give your viewers a lot of great info in a short, concise video!! Keep up the great work!

  5. please explain in detail for future videos,what could bring our World into a more abrupt climate change ?,(such as future saturation of our natural carbon sinks) and our oceans growing resistance to adding more CO2.And What is the likelihood that CH
    4 will contribute to future abrupt climate change,? Personally i enjoyed your voice on video i think it was apt

  6. Here is something very interesting that I recently analysed. The 800 thousand year ice core records graphs. If you look at these you will see temperature nearly always exceeds or is = to Co2 levels. The highest level of Co2 on these graphs is 300ppm. The temperature of earth went up by 5'c (these are the Milankovitch Cycles). Therefor we can conclude that todays Co2 levels are 33% higher than the highest point on this graph. 5'c + 33% of 5  = 6.66'c. At 500ppm we get (5 + 66% of 5) = 8.3'c. Both of these values are above the temperature of Methane Hydrate/Clathrate disruption temperature of 6'c.

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