15 thoughts on “Afghan Whigs Debonair

  1. Haha all the dodgy scarey men in hot pants types in thrworld cant stop the whigs juggernaught at the height(so i thought )of there pomp from reaching jedi levels of cool.all told a£ 4 £ BEST BAND .X

  2. I have never taken LSD, but I imagine it'd be kind of like this video… Great band though, and this song is probably the best thing since bread came sliced.

  3. @Pipotron3000 I just spent five minutes trying to find an Interpol song that didn't suck. Unsuccessfully. Thanks for that.

  4. Guys, this was a great show in UK. Indeed, it can be annoying, but it was the 90s anyway. Still, the band is absolutely amazing. Nirvana also played this show, an amazing video too. Search it up on youtube.

  5. The song is killer, but those weirdos dancing really kills it. Why oh why did the cameraman bother filming the audience?

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