20 thoughts on “All 14 New Switch Games Announced & Release Date Update For Week 2 September 2017 | Nintendo News

  1. I'm so hyped for l.a. noire and tennis game!
    Spent so much time playing top spin 3 and 4 on ps3.
    Have fun guys, be sure to enter the giveaway and leave a COMMENT if you did. ^_^

  2. Trash. More old remakes, fucking terrible looking indies, some German bollocks. This is the bargain bin of content.

  3. Oh shit. what is happening with nintendo? My cell phone have games better than it. Nintendo need be sold for Microsoft. I'm sorry.

  4. appeared – Konami Has confirmed to Magical Girl Raising Project the Video game, and it is going to be released on October,10,2017 in Japan and also in the Worldwide for October,11,2017. it Appears on Nintendo Switch Game.

  5. Lots of interesting, unexpected stuff. Tennis World Tour looks like a Virtua Tennis without the arcade factor. Pretty good – I like it. L.A. Noire might work better on handheld, but there's no way I buy it for more than 25.- at this point. Schlag den Star übt eine pervere Faszination auf mich aus, obwohl ich solche Lizenzgurken auf der Wii gehasst habe. Gal Metal – I mean – Fuck yeah?! But WTF? Let's see how this one tuns out.

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