12 thoughts on “Atmosphere – Guarantees (Official Video)

  1. et me have a questionwhat is this two sentense exactly meanning never understand
    "Pull up to the bar to politic and tap the power
    Ain't nobody really all that jolly at your happy hour
    Wifey havin' trouble tryna juggle both the part-times
    My cup ain't close to filled up
    We tryna build up so we could have enough
    And when I finally get the color, won't be nothin' else to paint on
    A friend of mine tried to kill himself to the same song"

  2. I'm a huge fan of this kind of hip-hop, where the only melody/beat comes from the acoustic guitar.

    Does anyone know of any other tracks that have this kind of style of hip-hop/rap?

  3. I love that this is some real shit about struggling which most people can actually relate to. As opposed to the music that glorifies lifestyles we can only ever hope to experience

  4. So many positive comments … i thank everyone here not judging the position many of us were molded into..so many quick to judge by my only pair of beat up shoes and dirty clothes , Red eyes Tired from the double shifts and cuts on my arms from working heavy labor.. Im only 20 soon to be 21 in a month and this is my Stuggle .my life you would not believe…i cant even believe the obstacles ive faced…but im here and im still fighting for the future of my better half and our family. i dont share this seeking pitty just wanted to share . i guess.. vent on a stressfull night… my older bro showed me this a few days before passing away a few months back. i miss you so much ruben… i know youre watching over me in heaven… ah bro sometimes giving up seems so easy…But i Cant! i refuse! my glass isnt half empty ,its half full..half full of water! half full of Atmosphere! Prayers go out to thoes living this reality ….youre not alone. "Dont give up the life many are struggling to hold on to" Roobs. July17, 1994-September 2, 2016

  5. New to the atmosphere thanks willi Willis hehe this shit hits hard late but better late then never who the fuck cares which dude is who this is real…………shut up and listen hehe peace

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