3 thoughts on “Bill Burr On College Education Scams

  1. it's a deal between business an educ. system – business won't hire you without college degree so you have to pay colleges, colleges get you so deep in debt that you then take any work and salary business offers, and you CAN'T leave. then life happens and by the time college debt is paid you have kids and mortgage so you are done. sick and weak you retire, if you're lucky, and die couple of years later.

  2. It comes down to supply and demand. You have kids and parents picking dumbness majors without ever seeing if there's a future or growth in it. A college/university can't teach you to not be stupid or to make wise choices.

  3. I tried going to college I lasted about 9 months then I decided this is not for me after all. I thought I was missing out on something but now I see the scam that it really is.

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