18 thoughts on “Brave the Waves (Anxious for Nothing), How To Be Brave

  1. I started to listen because I'm tires im my struggle to addiction lost everything in my life and i know god but I thought I could do it all by myself so I'm here because I'm tired of it all and I want my life back and I want god to be with me. I just get scared sometimes be cause of the temptations around me.

  2. I am currently going through a big storm. I have struggled with anxiety my whole life really but it has been really bad lately and my marriage is in trouble. I watched this yesterday afternoon with my mom and when Pastor Steven started talking about his daughter who is afraid of everything I believe that was God tapping me on the shoulder because I am afraid of everything. And then he started talking about The Little Mermaid (which is my favorite princess and Disney movie) and that was him slapping awake to pay attention to this message.

  3. Not a member, but i listen to your sermons and feel the messages & blessings pouring thru. May the Lord continue to use you in WAYS you NEVER imagined. God bless you, your family & church (Congregation).

  4. I've been away from GOD for 5 years. Now. These last 3 weeks have been the hardest for me, I got my first anxiety attack. I've never felt this way before. I have a lot on my plate. Work 40 hours , school 5 days a week (homework the other days) my mom just had a stroke 1 month ago, my family who once served God has walked away from him. The doctor wants to put me in medication for depression and anxiety. . I've never felt alone and scared like I have lately. I come across Pastor Steve while listening to workshop music. The only thing that's puts me to sleep at night, I heard his message in anxiety . Omg I've cried out to God asking him for help and felt like he couldn't hear me. Until I listen to the message . It was for me! God was speaking directly to me! I've been listening to him all day! Thank you Jesus

  5. what a great message. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been overwhelmed for awhile and just decided to pray and give it all to God. Hearing this message just confirmed everything that I had been praying to God about and has been an encouragement to me. May God bless you and your ministry.

  6. This word came in and pulled me out of the sunken broken place I have been in. Every word spoken touched the issues I have been overwhelmed by. I needed this, to help me rise above the waves that have been strangling me to death.

  7. im feeling anxious about the future.where my school fees will come from,my family is falling apart,anxious about going back home.

  8. I've allowed crippling anxiety to take hold of me as of late. These sermons are exactly what I needed. Wish I was anywhere near this church. The atmosphere seems incredible!

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