19 thoughts on “Carpenter Brut – Trilogy

  1. Someone PLEASE recommend me another dark synthwave act that hits as hard as Carpenter Brut. Other than Pertubator.

  2. je regrette pas d'avoir choppé le vinyle, par contre DR2 sur les fichier audio WAV, vous êtes des barbarres du loudness war hahaha ^^ !!! heuresement sur la galette noir c'est mieux.

  3. I really like the composition but is it just me or does the mastering/mixing whatever sound not completely up to par? Everything sounds a bit staccato and not very full.

  4. Turbo Killer, Le Perv , !!!
    Roller Mobster, Run, Sally, Run !!
    Division Ruine, Anarchy Road !!

    Carpenter Brut !!!!!!!!!!!!! une tuerie!

  5. Someone needs to make a movie based on this soundtrack, and make 30% of the movie into awesome action scenes with carpenter brut music.

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