17 thoughts on “Chameleon Twist (N64) – Continue?

  1. Yo FUCK spiders. I frick em up so hard when i smoosh em that I kinda hurt my hand, but i aint risking it falling out of the klenex alive.

  2. Josh, if I may be so bold. A suggestion. I just ordered a new Nose Hair Trimmer from Wal- Mart.com and it's amazing. It's a Panasonic nose hair and ear hair trimmer and it's on sale for $12.99 from 20 bucks. I got it in 2 days in the mail. Look it up, you'll find it easily. It's got like 400 reviews and it's mostly 4 star reviews. I highly recommend it. The color is black, silver, and blue, and it's tilted at a 45 degree angle, so you know you have the right one.

  3. I was just thinking about this game a few days ago. I always thought this game would be great as a 3DS game. I used to rent this and the sequel at my local video rental place. My bros used to play the battle mode with me too. It doesn't feel like that I used to play this game two decades ago. I like the first game better but the second game does look better.

  4. The Continue? Chameleon Twist Cocktail

    In a highball glass combine 1 oz Light Rum, 1 oz Blue Curacao, and 2 oz Orange Juice. Fill with ice, then fill rest of glass with lemon-lime soda (7-Up/Sprite). Swirl in the glass until thoroughly chilled, then garnish with a twist of Lime. To serve, add one normal length straw, one extra long straw, and one super long straw so you can share it with your two best friends.


  5. Nose hair trimmers are supposed to TRIM guys, TRIM, not pull. I feel like this is the episode of Friends where Joey's tailor or touches Chandlers dick, and Joey is like "nah thats normal" and Chandlers like "The fuck, no bruh". Cause you guys got it wrong, you need better trimmers.

  6. I used to really love this show and wait for it every week and now I literally can't make it past like the 5 minute mark. Idk what's up or why but you guys need a new schtick. Or change something. Idk. Shows not good anymore. Sorry.

  7. I remember this fucking game! But I could never quite formulate a whole picture of what it was! BUT YES! This game was weird as well! Gosh. As soon as I saw that white rabbit I knew immediately. SO happy about seeing this again.

  8. I love Chameleon Twist. I actually borrowed it from my cousin right now, because I would always want to play it as a kid. And 2 Continues for it is actually fine. It's a very fun, even if sometimes flawed, game.

  9. I remember loving this game as a kid; there was just something so entertaining about the tongue mechanic. Great episode guys!

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