1. I like that its small so I can get more games instead of having one download on a switch that takes up everything

  2. Can we just get the people behind sonic mania to do every sonic game? Or better yet just mash the two teams into one. We need these people for more projects. And don't forget tee lopes. We still need his sexy music

  3. i won't have enough spare money to purchase this baby when it hits the shelves for the switch, (lemme be real, i was gonna pirate it for pc, i'm a slimy little motherfucker like that, tell me all you want about how it supports the creator but i'm so poor i can't even afford food, so yeah. and now the pc version is delayed, i'll have to get the switch one, since that's the only one that comes out on the set date of august 15th, and pc's been delayed by 2 weeks.)

  4. This is good to know. I'm going on vacation when this game launches, and the WiFi at the hotel can be pretty shoddy, so hopefully it will be easy to download.

  5. Well, SonicCD (the MegaCD version) isn't much bigger than 325-330MB from what I remember.
    Now keep in mind this game had various PCM songs for its stages and animated cutscenes in it of which latter might have increased the file size for the most part due to the compression algorithms at the time.

    Sonic Mania on the other hand feels and looks more like a Sonic game we might could have really get on the 32X with exclusion for the intro movie.
    While those were still smaller in size than your average CD game it's to keep in mind that data get layered differently on one media compared to the other too.

    So overall, I'm not too surprised here with the final size of the game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a pretty good example of how not even the original Mario Kart 8 could possibly take up all the space on the WUD although a clean rip would take like 25G on the PC's hard drive.

  6. Duh? The file size in video games goes almost ENTIRELY to textures and graphics. This has low texture "pixelized" graphics, obviously has less "info" there, there you have it.

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