Democrats Are Proud Of The Fact That John McCain Is The Leader Of Their Party

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17 thoughts on “Democrats Are Proud Of The Fact That John McCain Is The Leader Of Their Party

  1. McCain is working with obama and his underground party to stand in the way of all that Pres.Trump wants to do for us.

  2. John McCain is dead …..What wrong with you people ??? Those snakes will murder your children …. You can't pray and ask God to eliminate them …… I can

  3. Racism is bad. Donnie is an unqualified moron. His wife is a whore. Alex lies daily. Infowars is fake news.

  4. Don't even get me started on this clown McCain, he blew up the flight deck after accidentally releasing bombs from his plane causing a chain reaction killing 100+ American soldiers and rolled over in a p.o.w. camp exposing secrets that cost many American bombers their lives. His daddy admiral and msm covered it all up though. He is a proven inept bumbling moron and traitor. When he croaks (his health is deteriorating, it won't be long), I'm going to take a shit on his grave. Mark my words, it's on my bucket list. I'd love nothing more, then to put my boot up his ass and send him flying outta Washington. Him and Paul Ryan are part of wicked witch of the west Hillary's flying monkey cronies.

  5. Didnt he bout sink the that aircraft carrier ? As well as break his arms not following ejection protocols?

  6. It's funny you say John Oliver's ratings are down yet he has an actual tv show and have more subs than you on youtube

  7. Trump was right, McCain is a pussy who was captured. I mean look at Trump compared to him, a beast of a man compared to a pussy who has done nothing but get tortured and defend Obamacare hahaha can't believe he was almost president #MAGA

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