18 thoughts on “DISCO HEAT #18 – CHUCKY SHACO

  1. I am nearly 36 and I'm still playing LoL and Minecraft. You are never too old for games. My reasons are the same as my other hobbies (reading, drawing, playing rpg-s) – they help me to disconnect from the real world, from my real problems and recreate my inner peace.

  2. I play league only because I have my premades. Playing solo is just wasting brain cells.

  3. playing like 7 years, still having fun. The secret of having fun is don't using the chat. Only play the game, the game is funny no matter what people says.

    Since I was 17 or 18, uninstalled only once or twice (frustrated, couldnt get out of bronze – but Im not very good, so I deserve it I guess :D)
    Now I am 23 and still play it, if I have time. We do LoL sessions with friends that I started plaing with in high school – get some booze, and do all kind of 1v1s and 2v2s (ie adc with ad nami versus our supp with ap nami)

  5. I quit League when I tried out DoTA and really started to get it. I just found that I preferred DoTA's approach to the formula over League's. That being said, I quit DoTA because I can't take the playerbase. Had I still been playing League, I would have quit for the same reasons.

  6. I quit and didn't quit League. I just don't play cause it's not as fun anymore for me plus I have other games to play. 😉

  7. Basically, I quitted because I got bored. I still enjoy a game here and then but i'm onto other games at the moment, who knows, maybe i'll go back to league someday.

  8. Played for 6 years, toxic community plus Riot babysitting bad players who pseudo troll (spam ? on chat, missing pings, inting) instead of having a tight grip on those stuff. So there you go, I still watch some content creators like yourself, my national tornament (CBLOL) and some games on LCS, LCK and whatnot but I'm not into coming back myself. Still, I give some tips to my friend who plays.

  9. i quit because i just couldnt find it fun anymore, the whole game started to bore me, at first i only stopped playing solo but then even with friends the game just wasnt interesting

  10. Been playing 5 years, got over 3000 hours. Mainly play ARAMs, 28yo. I think I'm still playing coz of Stockholm Syndrome more than anything. But I continue playing to try and improve myself in the game. I get a rush when I make a sick as mechanical outplay on someone or get a pentakill. Gamers high

  11. I feel the best way to describe league is to compare it to a tumor, you want to get rid of it but it just keeps coming back. League is what brings the depression into my life but really i love it. So my rating for league is 10/10 would never tell a friend mainly because I don't have any friends but if I did have any I wouldn't want to give them a tumor as well.

  12. i've leaved the game long ago cos of the fun wasn't even there anymore in the game for me in my league endings it was all rages and little bits of fun.
    Besides of that, LOOOOVE seeing you in the daylies. youre my favourite youtuber disco, keep being yourself man. thanks 4 the laughs

  13. I've been playing for four years, right after Lissandra was released. I play with friends mostly, and just started to get into ranked last year. Sometimes I'll play aram by myself.

  14. I still play league, started at the end of season 3, just one or 2 months before new sums rift, I think. I tried quitting league twice, first when my main acc got perma ban and then bcz I was just sick of it but not too long after, I just went back. Later I also got perma ban and now im doing kinda better in my 3rd official account. I keep playing cuz the game is amazing, the comunity is shit tho and also the teams I get, idfk why since I do play fairly well, and I also keep playing cuz I wanna reach a high elo before quitting for good, it sounds very cliché and unrealistic but Id like to be challenger even if just for 1 day, but dia would be nice already. Love your vids man, keep up the good work <3

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