14 thoughts on “Dusty Springfield – Dusty in Memphis (1969) – Full Album

  1. This is simply an amazing album-CD-What a voice! Absolutely deserves to be in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Every selection is a certified winner. Just keep playing it.

  2. I never heard this whole album before and really listened to her.  You have to really tune in and you can hear the feeling and emotion.  So enjoyable to listen to and just sit back and relax.  Has such a sweetness and tenderness about it, that you hardly hear from most singers these days.  I know I'll be going back to this and will just keep hearing more things that I missed before.  Thank you Dusty for reminding me of a time long gone!

  3. ya so u say that ADele is horrible and she is one of the best out there today ,2017, so…… what is that saying about the rest of the "talent ' pool. more divas than Talent . i can think of a few younger singers who have some talent but cant keep the topic matter out of the ditch . theres no Quality in the ditch .

  4. Adelle kicks her arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do love sexties muzac, but who wants to die all alone with a house full of cats!!!!??!!
    I am A BAD dude!!!!!

  5. i enjoy this, I like Dusty, but you look at the song writers featured this is hardly a southern or Memphis effort, more Brill building than Memphis

  6. I wonder if anyone else feels the same as me.  Firstly let me say that I love Dusty, always have , always will.  But it bugs me that most people think of this album and the hit song from it "Son of A Preacher Man'.  I think lyric wise that "Son of.."  is perhaps the weakest song on the album.   It is such a specifically Southern America tune that I think it requires a lot of effort to relate to it. After all it basically is very simple, she( The Heroine) reminisces about her first love, who was The son of… and the simple  words just get repeated.   Even the similar "Willie & Laura Mae Jones" had a little more too it, than that.   Also I can't help but think how English born and bred Dusty must have had very little relationship to such lyrics.   Don't get me wrong I enjoy it musically, but it is probably my least appreciated track on the album, and as I said it bugs me that it is the one that is most clearly linked to the album.

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