18 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran Wins FIRST-EVER Artist Of The Year Moon Person At 2017 MTV VMAs

  1. Ed Sheran You So Deserved this Award!!!! Keep workin hard!!!!! Never give up!!!!! And stay talanted!!!!!!!

  2. Grandefuckers stop it Ed deserves it we should love the person who wins its ok they dont won the artist you want to win was already won for you so pls respect the winners

  3. Ya'll need to relax. It's just an award. I love Ariana but Ed won and we need to respect that. Ariana's not gonna win everything she's nominated for….

  4. It's called Artist of the Year….what album/songs/performances has ariana done BESIDES the benefit concert this year? And yes, it was inspirational, but you'd have to be a goddamn awful human to not do SOMETHING after a terrible event happens at your concert…Ed is talented, humble, kind, AND has a record breaking album he put out earlier this year. He deserved it. Everyone else needs to back off.

  5. Ariana's fans are so immature, this is just an award, it doenst mean that who doenst win are not good. Ed Sheeran had one of his best years, and all the others had, include Ariana. Its hard to choose but they choose Ed and I agree, but if Ariana won I will be happy for her and her fans because she also had a good year. But it doesnt mean that one has more talent than other, or one deserved more the award than other. It s absurd insult the talent of the Ed just because you like more Ariana instead be happy for the winner. C'mon just a little more RESPECT, its very important nowadays.

  6. Um why did he win, i honestly forgot that he existed until i saw him at the VMA's, his songs barely got any views, its as if he's a caveman or some shit? confused as to how he won, he didn't really do much this year?

  7. they ran out awards :/// ari couldve won at least best female music video or best female artist

  8. Ed Sheeran is absolutely amazing. How many artists can go on a 2 year hiatus and still come back and win artist of the year immediately after?

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