16 thoughts on “Flames, Vast

  1. Jon Crosby showed already a huge talent for beautiful sensitive songs on the 1st VAST album. I don't regret and understand that he wanted to leave the major label business but I I keep regretting that he's gone through many ups and downs and produce very little music and mostly acoustic while the dynamic in VAST was between electric and acoustic, the epic orchestral elements, electronic loops coupled with heavy drums, and the gentle atmospheres cellos…

  2. Close your eyes
    Let me touch you now
    Let me give you something
    That is real

    Close the door
    Leave your fears behind
    Let me give you
    What you're giving me

    You are the only thing
    That makes me want to live at all
    When I am with you
    There's no reason to pretend that
    When I am with you
    I feel flames again

    Just put me inside you
    I would never ever leave
    Just put me inside you
    I would never ever leave


  3. one of the most touching songs in the world…one day i can die happy because i knewed this song in life…

  4. I'm here because someone mentioned this in the comments for A Perfect Circle- A Stranger. And I rarely read the comments because it's usually hateful bullshit.. but for some reason I slowly scrolled through them and found this being recommended.. I just thought that maybe I could count on APC lovers to share good music. I am so grateful. this is beautiful and I have a new band to listen to.

  5. This is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. It accompanies a perfect, bittersweet scene in a book during a campfire, that's what brought me here in the first place. I just can't believe I've never heard of this band before, especially after listening to their other songs … they are brilliant. Thank you, V.A.S.T., for your wonderful music!

  6. Never knew Vast did this type of music. Definitely a very unique band that I'm suprised I haven't listened to more of sooner.

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