15 thoughts on “FLAT EARTH NEW – LOL! Nasa Fails to Hide the Truth about Antarctica

  1. Why don't you go to the Antarctica to see with your eyes? Because yes, my flat earthers, you can go there with a simple plane.

    Then send me the photos of the "army"

  2. lol wait so there are really people who think the earth is flat !?!? Lol your all trolling right !? I really hope so

  3. Flat Brainer Moron Video. Have fun arguing with these brainwashed cult idiots in the comment section!

  4. Hey flatards, why during the summer, the sun does not set above the Arctic Circle? There are periods of constant sunshines and dawns that last for up to six months of the year at the North Pole. That's a thing you can look for yourself unless you are too poor.

  5. How do you account for the midnight sun at the poles happening during northern hemisphere summer and southern hemisphere summer?

  6. Sir Ranulph Fiennes has explored both poles unaided and alone. He is also a Christian, how was he aloud to do this without being shot or kidnapped by the ice police??

  7. Ok so if the earth is flat why would the government hide it from people just think about it what would they gain about hiding this from people? Ok let's say USA hides that the earth is flat then other countries would tell the truth theres no point in hiding something like that there's too much proof the earth is round

  8. If the earth is flat, how thick is it? Not sure if this video answers that question cos' I couldn't be arsed watching it with that Siri bitch narrating the whole thing.

  9. Leading nazi scientist who created nasa-have a look at his tombstone….debunk that round earthers..its time to grow up and stop believing what you have been told all your life.i bet most of you round earthers didnt even know it was a kidnapped nazi scientist who led nasa…time to grow the fuck up minions.

  10. circumnavigate the icewall ? now was the wall at your left hand side or your right hand side and in what direction did they sail

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