13 thoughts on “FS17 Timelapse, Dowland Farm Seasons #15: Silage Bales!

  1. ya, if you bale in the rain it holds the water for so much longer and doesn't pack very well, so instead of a nice solid bale its like a piece of wet bread. and its 200% harder on the equipment because of how much heavier it is.

  2. Thx frith for using the link it took m ages to find so I gave it to you so people don't have to spend ages trying to find one

  3. I'm in a bad spot on one of my saves, I've amounted a large debt, the crops are planted but I want to avoid skipping time to when theyll be grown because the debt will just worsen, so is forestry in fs17 a good way of making money like it is on fs15?

  4. another great video 😀 i think you should buy square baler but also keep round baler just to produce bales for bedding…with that fork you can grab 3 bales side by side and put 6 round bales im shreader….that is way faster 🙂 and everybody get their favorite bales

  5. Really thank you, because You're putting hours and hours in these video's to amusing us. And I Can really apreciate that. Really thank you!

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