11 thoughts on “Funny dog snoring loud when sleeping – compilation 2016

  1. I know people are going to bash on me for being over sensitive, but I have to say 2 things. I feel sorry the doberman & the pug type dogs. Doberman because the owner has tied up his ears to make them straight therefore obviously only caring how his dog is precived by others which means it's purely a trophy dog, which means he's more than likely a cunt.. Next I feel sorry for the pugs, bulldogs, etc. They're breathing like that because of breeding which has made their faces unnaturally smudged. They have many health problems and live alot of the time in pain because of this. Anyone who buys pugs from breeders are encouraging more pain (Because more will be bred etc..) but.. " ohh noo they're soo cute, so itz okayyy " fml..

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