13 thoughts on “Gifted

  1. This movie made me cry a lot, like 10 times. its really good. I love it so much that it might be in my top 10 movies. If you want to watch it or your are curious about it, watch it. This movie needs more attention than it got.

  2. My worst scene is the vet. When he wants his cat and well will this spoil it? They say YOU CAN'T GO BACK THERE? WTH? Gad dang Kat killing F's!

  3. I think of my favorite scenes, I liked best when Evelin was all mad leaving the math place, and the girl is like- Well this school may not be as great as you think. Then Mary goes back and blows the professors mind πŸ˜€
    You can't go get your cat and save it, we're about to kill it and two more. And we would have if it wasn't for those pesky kids? Scooby dooby doo πŸ˜› lmbo or What's his name, Franks the cat. Oh he is Frank πŸ˜€ Yup great movie.

  4. I just spend an hour of my precious life watching this crap! the world is full of ''smart'' people, surprisingly they always die! For there is no respect of persons with death!

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