14 thoughts on “Girl Stranded on a Deserted Island!

  1. Please dont try to slice/cut the coconut with the machete while you are holding it. Thats an easy way to cut your hand off. Another thing is if you really want to see if you can take being alone on an island then dont make a vlog. You are constantly talking to the camera knowing people will see and hear you. Thats not really being alone. Being alone is when you only talk to yourself in your head…….
    being alone

  2. This was such an awesome idea! Don't feel bad that you didn't do it longer – feel great that you did it! I'm not sure I could have 🙂

  3. Hello…. I've watch quite a few of your videos over the last 9 months or so and enjoy them a lot.  I noticed on the video "  Stranded on a Deserted Island " in the beginning of the video you are sharpening a machete by swiping the stone over and through the blade.  Actually what you want to do is push the blade through the stone. Basically the exact opposite of what you're doing. You can also hold the blade stationary and push the into the sharp part of the blade…… If you're happy with the way you've been doing it, that's fine. Just wanted to throw that out there to you as a helpful tip.


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