17 thoughts on “Heat movie(1995)..Robert Deniro fooling Al Pacino..!!!!

  1. One of my favorite parts of the last scene in this clip is when Deniro lifts his face from the camera and smiles…barely perceptible, but says so much about his read of Pacino's character.

  2. The composition of the scene where Neil is scouting Hannah is just genius. The acting, cinematography, pulsing soundtrack… all those elements in isolation are decent but pull them all together and wow… I'm not someone who lists Heat in my top 10, great film but not quite in the upper echelons for me… but this scene… damn!

  3. vincent and neil admires each other. hahaha theyre meant to be, no one else could match them brains but each other 😉

  4. No guy can say that line better. LAPD, Gee what..where the fuck did this heat come from. Impeccable. Genius Robert..!! A simple line but said so so well. So tough.

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