19 thoughts on “Ħistorian Rudy reminds everyone of Magic The Gathering’s Volatile History

  1. Rudy pls do some Final Fantasy TCG reviews. Opus 2 is coming out soon and opus 1 is being reprinted because of demand. They sell out insanely fast and I hope it becomes huge in North America. It's my favorite card game now.

  2. Rudy is it even possible to not get burned, when MTG would go downhill for real? With so much up and downs you can´t siply intelectually percive, that this time its for real and abandon the ship…anyway at least you would forced to sway the Run for your own sake. Even if you see all the omens, for people like you It would be extremly diffuclt to do righ thing and sell.

  3. 14:35 the big shift you mention is probably Mark Rosewater becoming the head designer of the whole game during kamigawa block design. He often mentions in his column that the first block he was able to manage completely at this fonction was Ravnica, including a lot of new design tools and experiments for the game in its globality. He wrote a 8 years schedule at that time I think. He also started his weekly column (still running) talking about design, which I recommand highly. Before that he was just lead designer for some sets, but rarely had his hands on the whole block structure, the team work …etc.

  4. 8:55 Objection, your Rudiness – the cards were called "Power 9" when Urza's block was around. I read about them in a local gaming magazine and there was a quote, something along the lines of "Power 9 – nine most expensive cards in Magic can easily fetch $1000 on a black market"

  5. What the hell are you trying, Rudy? The false facts were a little bit uncanny. Does it habe anything to do with the "Ħ"? Is it a Kubrick thing?

  6. You definitely have some of your timeline out of order, which those of you content creators who don't use scripts often do, incorrect facts but still some decent anecdotal evidence of the feeling of some of the periods you are discussing.

  7. I liked Chronicles. When I started playing around Ice Age, you couldn't find anything from Legends or Arabian Nights… You could still find packs of the dark though.

  8. i feel like the introduction of the duels of the planeswalker (2012?) videogames had a big impact and added to the influx of new players. it showed how to play the game in a safe and controlled environment which was a huge deal for me

  9. I must be the odd man out cause I really got into the game with Kamigawa. I remember Mirrordin block, my buddy had a super annoying artifact deck. Maybe its half nostalgia/rose colored glasses, but I remember me and my friends having so much fun with the set with the unique mechanics, interesting setting, storyline, etc. I really don't remember there being a downswing. To be fair, I was new to the game and the area may have been different compared to the rest of the country.

  10. I left during Urza cycle. Back when tolairan academy was around. God that combo winter was so bad. And people are complaining of copy cat? Ever lose on turn zero?

  11. You could have done at least a little bit of research, both Tempest, Onslaught and Mirrodin blocks came after Masques and before Kamigawa.

  12. You could have done at least a little bit of research, both Tempest, Onslaught and Mirrodin blocks came after Masques and before Kamigawa.

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