17 thoughts on “How did Mariah Carey sound at Beyonce’s age?

  1. I think Mariah could take a note from Lady GaGa and try a new sound…jazzy bluesy but uptempo tracks would be great for her. I would love for Mariah to go back to her "Honey" type of sound again. Smooth and cooey.

  2. Love Mariah, but at this point, Beyoncé is in much better vocal form than her. Bey still has that pristine quality to her voice.

  3. This must have been the age her voice started to completely deteriorate. I just don't understand why at her level of fame/fortune she wasn't able to catch it early on before it got too bad. Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, and even Adele all had preventative vocal surgeries and took precautionary many measures as soon as they had started having complications. Sad to see such a great talent diminish so fast.

  4. The vocal damage is so evident in this video. But, of course, hearing-impaired 'lambs' won't hear that, LOL.

  5. As usual, there are commenters making the most ludicrous claims on a YouTube video, such as Mariah being able to sing any of Beyonce's songs, whereas Beyonce couldn't do justice to Mariah's.

    Well, the truth is that Mariah does have arguably the most vocally challenging catalog in 'pop' music, but Mariah would still struggle with many songs by several other artists such as Lara Fabian, Monica Naranjo, Debelah Morgan, Vanessa Amorosi, Kim SoHyang, and Beyonce.

  6. I believe Leona Lewis is just as talented as Mariah Carey. I highly recommend you watch Leona's singing on all her x factor performances every week, and you'll see how amazingly gifted Leona is.
    Leona has a freakishly amazing voice just like Mariah and her technique and tone is beyond amazing!

  7. Mariah in my opinion has the best voice in the business but where I think Beyoncé has an advantage over her is Beyoncé stability…Beyoncé has the love of her father rooted well within her and Mariah does not…because of it Mariah has had plenty of tumultuous relationships with men and therefore it shows up on stage…Her confidence in herself is shaky because she never had the love of her dad …that's like her downfall

  8. I love this video so much. And I'm not comparing them technically at all because it's really hard to tell since they're very close to each other in that department. But just as singers I really thing Beyonce vs Mariah in any of their performances post 30 is completely on Beyonce's lane. Beyonce has been taking much more risks vocally ever since she turned 30 then I've heard from Mariah. Her inflections and flourishes are getting more and more complex. So yeah I am giving the 30's to Beyonce. Because personally I am more impressed with Beyonce in her 30's then I am with Mariah in her 30's.

  9. Mariah had her time to shine in the spotlight. She had a good career. But Queen Bey has been slaying hoes for yeaars so STOP coomparing. There no way Mariah could touch or come close to BEYONCE"S PERFECTION!!!

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