16 thoughts on “How to fix Access is denied Hard Drive not accessible on Windows 10

  1. Hi, Omar. There aren't enough words to properly thank you. I floundered for several day trying to find a solution. You did it. So, here goes. Thanks.

  2. I am thankful for this video that you have made. Easy to follow and straight to the point. Saved me hundreds and more than anything GEICO could have if i had car insurance.

  3. The second solution didn't work for me, but the first did! You just saved my 15 page research paper!

  4. Man, that's FANTASTIC. Thank you SO much. I've been fighting with this for 2 days, not giving in, and i was close…. but no cigar. You've just made my day!

  5. There is a lot of danger in exposing your files by hackers by applying his fix from this video. Instead of assigning to "Everyone", use "Authenticated Users" so that someone has to be an assigned user to the computer and secured by password.

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