10 thoughts on “How to Fold Shirts & Tank Tops | KonMari Method by Marie Kondo

  1. Let's say you are leaving for a business trip and you need to dress "nicer". Any tips on how to fold a blouse to save room in your suitcase?

  2. I will be going on vacation and have no idea how I will fold my rompers.. I feel like they will be wrinkled because the fabric is either satin or chiffon.. how can I fold rompers? anyone?

  3. Quick question, should this also work with other fabrics? All the shirts you used seem to be cotton material, which would have a lot of friction against itself, which would help hold it up. However, I can't see this working well with other, smoother and softer types of fabrics. Could you advise what to do with those types of shirts (other than just hang them…)? Thanks!

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