19 thoughts on “How To Get The Bitterness Out Of Bitter Melon.

  1. If you don't like the bitterness in bitter melon, then use black bitter melon instead, if you can get your hands on it. It is virtually devoid of bitterness but still packed with flavor. They called it the "black pearl bitter gourd" in China. Judging from its extreme dark green, almost black color, it would most likely have a far higher concentration of chlorophyll than the common variety to begin with. Don't know if it's available in any other countries yet though. It is a very dark green, almost black variety of bitter melon designed for those who can't tolerate the bitter taste but love that refreshing green-tea-like scent of bitter melons.

  2. nice video. we've doing this for years since when I was a kid. but we are not doing it for an hour only for few minutes 20mins max. It still have those bitterness in it but not too much.

  3. It is OK to add a bit of salt, it is OK to marinate it for an hour. It is NOT ok to squeeze the juice out though for all the vitamins, minerals and all the goodness will vanish and what left is just crap. If you really do not want to have its natural bitterness (which I just love), add a bit of yogourt or lime juice to your cooking. I fry bitter gourd pieces with coconut slices and onion and it turns out really yummy.

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