12 thoughts on “How to make Tangy Paneer – Indian Vegetarian Recipes

  1. I always thought that Bell Pepper takes some time cook, but you put it in the end. Secondly, you didnt use even a little bit of sugar. Doesnt your recipe become too spicy without the sugar..

  2. It is supposed to be on the drier side – but you can always add more tomatoes or cook it a little less 🙂

  3. Since I'm a guy, knowing nothing about cooking, would it be to much to ask for a dinner invitation, so I can try what looks like a labor of love? Thanks for sharing, Jerome

  4. when you said that you could cut the paneer any way you wanted it reminded me of my classmate who cooks! She asked to borrow my miniature japanese rice cake shapers (kind of like cookie cutters) and the next day she had made a paneer gravy dish cut into the shape of sakura flowers! =D

  5. @ShowMeTheCurry lol thank you, and by the way, you two? seriously hott! keep the cooking up ladies… PEACE

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