16 thoughts on “Is Essence Drain Boring?

  1. When I hear 'Drain Essence' I think of my character standing like a badass melting everything around me with some cool-looking spell, but this? This basic-looking, slow-moving orb? Boring.

    One of my biggest gripes about PoE is that the skill effects and animations are so damn unimaginative.

  2. how is your cast speed so high in the video? your tree doesn't have much on it and you aren't using a silver flask.

  3. I have a blast with my ED/Contagion witch! I use Obliteration horn along with the Profane Bloom acend and blow mob packs up constantly. The only thing you have to get used to is the SLOW projectile…and the only difficult maps are totem maps, which I usually just warp on top of it and take it out.

  4. hey mathil, i'm doing a LL+righteous fire+essence drain build on occulist witch. I do have a big leech problem on the build, i have to drop RF on bosses to survive through at least regen. Any idea how to fix leech problems on it? LL gem sucks on it unfortunately

  5. is this build playable in 2.2? which character should i start with? and which ascendancy do you think i should get? is shavs and vaal mask a must for the build? should i take CI if i dont have shavs?

  6. how is it that you have the Chaos and Inoculation skill point allocated but you still have over 1k life ??

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