4 thoughts on “Jim Cornette on Jim Herd Interfering with Ric Flair’s Successful Booking (Timeline WCW 1990)

  1. Jim and his paperwork Holy shit.
    gotta respect the man for having so much passion for Wrestling.

    Wrestling a lost art.
    Now we are stuck with shitty sports entertainment

  2. I love Cornette but dude is the PRINCIPAL example of a guy who always puts over his friends. Flair was a shit booker who saw house shows DIE on his tenure as booker. The TBS numbers always had viewers because it was standard television due to its long running timeslot at that point. Flair added NOTHING to the attendance at the house shows and all Cornette does is blame George Scott for it. If Flair's booking was worth a shit people would have come back to the house shows. But they didn't because all he did was put himself and his friends over.

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