15 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Asks Shaq if He Really Thinks the Earth is Flat

  1. Yeah, don't allow Shaq to think objectively, outside the box and all. That's just being too smart for any man. And only a dumb idiot would think that Shaq was joking. He should have (formally) told the societies to f*ck off and remain true to his belief.

  2. I am beginning to think is really flat. NASA is a fake government agency lying to us to make billions. They will never allow you to go to the south area of Antartica. The Iss fake live stream doesn't even show you Antartica.

  3. If the earth is not flat, how about you all show us the curvature measured and verified scientifically in reality. Not one profession on earth factors in 8in per mile squared into any real world application, ever. Because it doesn't exist. Shaq can say and believe whatever he wants as can any other skeptic, but that will never prove earth's curvature MEASURED and verified in reality. I don't care about videos, photos, CGI, animations, formulas, diagrams, or simulations unless they can be measured and proven to exist IN REALITY. Until then, earth is flat. Always was. Always will be.

  4. pause at 18 sec and see the Masonic handshake..jkl is filmed in a old Masonic lodge..when will the masses wake up both these actors on the world stage know the world's flat

  5. More damage control from the mainstream media. Can't let the people know that we're not on a spinning globe.

  6. He wasn't joking, he just had people around him who are smarter than he is who told him he needs to tell everyone he was joking. Good thing he was smart enough to listen to them

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