JSM’s Colorful Life – “The Secret to Watery Skin” clip video with Eng subtitles

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10 thoughts on “JSM’s Colorful Life – “The Secret to Watery Skin” clip video with Eng subtitles

  1. What is the essence she used?
    And of some one could please write down the oily skin recommendations i would deeply appreciate it .

  2. Thanks for the english subs. For the dry skin cleansing, do you mean we should use eye lip remover, cleansing water, cleansing oil and skip the foam cleanser? or should we use foam cleanser after cleansing oil? I have dry skin. Thank u!

  3. These are some awesome tips! I use to only use a cleansing water in the morning but then read I should double cleanse both AM and PM; going back to that old practice. Also never felt I should rub makeup all over my face with cleansing oil and would use cleansing water before this, I was ashamed to admit it since I thought it was excessive. Glad this is a good thing to do!

  4. This video was awesome! It helped me so much. I took notes during the video and figured out why my cleansing method wasn't working for me. My makeup never looked good because my skin was never prepped properly.

  5. May I know where am I able to buy mool toner & cream from? I used to have combi-oily skin but lately my skin condition is sensitive and dry 🙁 I cannot use oil infused creams or else I will breakout. I'm visitting SKR soon I gotta know where can i buy them!

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