Kobe Shoes Vs Lebron Shoes

Since LeBron James Stopped being a nominal amateur in the late spring of 2003, Nike has acted as both witness and primary aide in the mans hopeful rise to global icon status. Its nurtured his brand, and the biggest part of that work has been LeBron James Shoes.

Congratulations to Kobe fans, who now have one more piece of evidence to declare that Bryant is a better player, since we have now learned that Kobe knows shoes in addition to being excellent at counting his own rings.

There are so many different colorways of the Nike Zoom Kobe VI (Kobe Bryant Shoes)releasing all the time that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to keep them all straight in your head. That is definitely not a complaint by us though as we definitely appreciate having a whole lot more shoes and colorways to choose from. This is the main difference between the Kobe line and the Air Jordan line as the Air Jordan lineup likes to stay a bit rarer while Kobe likes to get his shoes out there in as many colorways as possible. TThe latest version, this is the new Nike Zoom Kobe VI Draft Day, which is modeled after the Charlotte Hornets which is of course the team that drafted Kobe out of high school.

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As you can imagine, Nike had its top shoe designer, the wonderfully named Tinker Hatfield, work with LeBron. Except, after dealing with LeBrons entourage, the legendary Hatfield decided the work wasnt worth the trouble.

Hatfields remarks are obviously bad news for LeBrons business sense — if he wants to be a massive international brand, he probably shouldnt do anything to alienate the top basketball shoe designer in the world. But the amount to which you think this is a problem probably depends on what you think of LeBron, as is usually the case with all manners related to King James(NBA Shoes).

For instance, if you like LeBron, then its possible to look at the decision to quit working with him as a sign that Hatfield has reached such great heights at Nike that he can pick and choose his projects as he wishes, opting to take those that have few distractions apart from the work at hand. However, if you dont like LeBron, then its possible to think that his entourage must have been terribly annoying to make Nikes top designer quit their biggest project.

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Congratulations to Kobe fans, who now have one more piece of evidence to declare that Bryant is a better player

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