Living out a Full and Healthy Life

The quest for immortality has been one passed down the ages. Death, mankind’s greatest and oldest of enemies, has stood unyielding through the centuries despite valiant quests having been made inn the search for the elixir of life, the Tree of Life and Death and the Fountain Of Youth. It’s known by a hundred different names throughout the various cultures of man but as of yet it remains an elusive myth beyond our grasp. Perhaps that’s why we buy Genf20 and similar supplements; in the vain but very human hope that something out there will be the recipe that keeps our ailing bodies together.

Sane individuals have no hope for death. It’s something to hate. It’s something we can fight tooth and nail until it drags us kicking and screaming into the dark. We can take the steps now in this life to ensure that we don’t go into death fragile and sick. We can exercise both body and mind with the help up of dieting, supplements and challenges in order to retain a healthy foundation so that when we grow older we are not trapped by our own failing bodies. True, there may be no escaping such a thing but at least we can attempt to mitigate the ravages of old age on our bodies.

HGH and other hormones in its class are some of the most effective at increasing lean muscle while burning off the fat. It can stimulate cellular regeneration and growth that has been switched off due to age. Some may see it as unnatural but I see anything that attempts to combat death and illness as a viable method. We’re all going to die at some point so why should we not attempt to live out the most full, healthy life that we can manage?

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