Love Poem

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A number Impressive poem Snapshots

  1. Love Poem
    Image by @Doug88888
    Love Poem

    You remind me,
    Define me,
    Incline me,

    If you died,

  2. Autumn Poem!/Pome dautomne!
    Image by Denis Collette…!!!
    On Explore! October 15, 2007! #133
    Thank you very much to all of you my dear Flickr friends for your so kind comments!

    My wild river reflection!/Reflet de ma rivire sauvage!

    Its my dear friend Steve Abatzidis (ineedathis) who had inspired me for this title Autumn Poem thanks to his so kind testimonial for me! I dedicate it to him! I invite you my dear Flickr friends to visit his wonderful stream here:

    Leaves dancing on the pond!
    They heard a heart poem!!
    Of my friend ineedathis! :)))

    Feuilles dansant sur ltang!
    Elles ont entendu un pome du coeur!
    De mon ami ineedathis!

    Autumn Poem on a fabulous song of my preferred singer Jack Johnson Upside Down!
    this poem is not the top of the year Im sure that Steve can do better but if you prefer to see the video animation of Jack Johnson I saw the icne of ineedathis in!!! LOL

  3. 911 poem@merge photos
    Image by visual velocity pc
    poem for 911 i wrote

  4. poem
    Image by spo0nman
    original poem is:
    The grand highway is
    crowded w/
    lovers & searchers & leavers
    so eager
    to please
    and forget.

    poem by jim morrison

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