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  1. "Not peer reviewed"
    Appeal to authority
    'Rushton didn't respond to Graves so his work is off the table'
    Ad hominem
    "Scientific Consensus" = The fedora version of "Faith".
    If you are actually interested in science, you test and test again until there is no reasonable doubt that you are right or wrong.
     r/K selection theory is outdated? Prove it.
    You really want to open the pandora's box that is the difference between "r" types and "K" types?
    We can talk for hours about cold winters in europe affecting psychology.
    We can talk for days about how environment and society shape a race/nation/people over time.
    We can talk for years about how scarcity and abundance affects social development.

    How about "centrists" stop feigning ignorance of "politically incorrect" science so all the rest of us can have a real conversation.

  2. You are really going to be a thickhead about this, arent you?
    R/k is a comparative measurement not necessarily a category.
    Here let me spoon feed you with an example. I am taller than you and I am shorter than Kraut. What am i, shorter or taller?
    Same applies in respect to r/k selection.And since Humans have volition,ifferent human populations can adopt the one or the other strategy depending on living and cultural conditions, with in species. Am sure your great-great-grandmother had a dozen more kids and married them by the time they were 12, in contrast with your mother. Which would place her in the r strategy compare to your mother.
    Why you thickheads even focus on this irrelevant issue in respect to race realists?
    It has nothing to do with their theory you knuckleheads! It's just a descriptive phrase, one of the many they could have used.

  3. A good portion of whites in your comments REALLY think they're superior lol. Despite the state of Europe before the Holy Roman Empire. Despite the birth of civilization being Mesopotamia. Despite the fact that modern Europe is based on Rome and Greece, which is based on Ancient EGYPT.

  4. A good portion of whites in your comments REALLY think they're superior lol. Despite the state of Europe before the Holy Roman Empire. Despite the birth of civilization being Mesopotamia. Despite the fact that modern Europe is based on Rome and Greece, which is based on Ancient EGYPT.

  5. If JF means Jean-Francois Gariépy, it is irrelevant if Jean-Francois thinks if the r/K model is outdated. Well, he does say it is a very loose concept.

    Did Jean-Francois get this from Rushton? The alt-righters did.

    Jean-Francois video was about Kraut pointing out that the alt-right can't science even though Kraut can't science either.

    Oh, and psychology is still a biological phenomenon. While I have held this point for a long time, Jean-Francois says this in the video twice, and let's not forget about Gad Saad.

    So what is going on here Vee?

  6. The fact that the Sceptic anti-alt-right videos are flooded by enraged alt-rightists while there are almost no SJWs in anti-SJW videos's comment sections seem to validate the theory that the Sceptic community acts as a gateway to the alt-right. Since for a while they mostly hadn't done any anti-alt-right videos the softened people to some pf the ideas of the alt-right and then there was a relatively major demographic getting into the alt-right.

  7. The alt right are so lacking in any self awareness it hurts to read their comments. They are edgy versions of SJW's, like shadow is to sanic

    They talk in the comments as if targeting the alt right is new for our community. No, you've ALWAYS targeting stupid and backwards ideologies. They just want this to be a safe space for them, so they're acting like you targeting their ideas is oh so different from you tackling feminism or SJW''s. It's not. It's exactly the same because they're exactly the same. Good videos vee and I hope you do more against these rejects.

  8. JF – Jean-Francois Gariépy. He made a rebuttal video of Kraut videos. I think it was made fairly well and people from alt-right should watch it to learn, how rebuttal videos should be done.
    On other news: +Vee You should know, that degree isn't necessarily directly correlated to knowledge. More than that, it isn't correlated to current knowledge. And while I agree, that you having degree makes me trust you more on biology issues, it doesn't mean, that I'll stop thinking.
    And my conclusion is this: Kraut video was bad. Why?
    1. He made faux pa with r/K selection theory and "race" theory. (I got caught with race stuff too)
    2. He did it with condescending way.
    3. Appeal to authority.
    4. He got caught by this "JF guy", who made a rebuttal video.
    5. It was easy to avoid if he got someone to review this video.
    6. He had a predetermined conclusion. (but that's just my speculation)
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not from the alt-right. But Kraut made many altrighters happy with this video. Because he'll push people away. But that's just my opinion.

  9. Vee buying into the "racism" thing. So sad that this "racism" thinking is spreading to Eastern Europe.

  10. I'm not sure I understand the augment, but it makes sense that poor people are likely to have more kids, thus being closer to the R type, whilst rich people have fewer kids, thus being closer to the K type. Since economy and class isn't affected by race, but rather culture, and since all humans are close enough to be called one species, this phenomenon could be tackled better by a psychologist, or an economist. I guess people just fall on different places on the R/K scale depending on money and culture.

  11. Actually this was a response to your other video: I am glad you like the USA.It is true that it's ideals of unity are what make it attractive. If you have ever lived outside of the USA, you realize how wonderful it really is. And in general, you can live your life in relative peace and justice, except for running up against bigotry(I ran into bigotry against renters with kids when I wanted to rent an apartment with a pool once) or injustice(it happens) once in awhile, it is much better than living with bigotry and agism, sexism, petty squabbles, etc all the time. The fact that we share a common language is key, and where that is corrupted, we have social problems, IMHO. In gettos where blacks use ebonics(nigga, etc), and latin communities where they can get away with insulting people in spanish(it happened to me at a Taco Bell) it messes peace and unity up. But in general, most people can live as they choose, within the confines of our society, and have a beautiful life.
    On the outside, I have heard people criticize the American people for being isolated or ignorant of the outside world. Hey! If you can create a relative utopia, why worry about the unclean outside world? I am not speaking for the military industrial complex which had taken over control of our country and enslaved us and other countries in their quest for power, but the average person. So, my best wishes to you, Vee.

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