10 thoughts on “NEVER BUY LUMBER AGAIN!! MAKE YOUR OWN! (With a chainsaw mill!)

  1. wow why the chalk line nail on a straight edge and use your table saw dude dont u watch you tube lol

  2. did you buy any anchor deal for the ends of the boards as if not u should by some as it stops the ends of the boards from cracking and helps them to dry more evenly just a thought as u are milling your own wood so look it for yourself

  3. You guys are great. You are living my dream. It's beautiful to see how much love you two guys are spreading in your property. Congratulation.

  4. I've only recently been watching your videos and have been enjoying your journey! Well done to you both and thank you for sharing your story!

  5. It's neat to see a man and his wife doing things together. How are you going to prevent unseasoned wood from checking, warping, and splitting?

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