15 thoughts on “Oceanic Whitetip Shark Bites Diver

  1. This shark is a longimanus, it is a pelagic one and his aggressive behaviour due to a few prey in this environment it's supposed to be known by divers, sorry…

  2. It's so sad that even Discovery puts this dramatic riffs under the video and releases it with so amateur narrative. It's not the way to educate people.

  3. shark probably never saw a human, and was just curious… sharks bite when they are trying to figure out more about an object.or animal… that was not a bite with intention to kill, or eat … cats and dogs bite like that all the time, the difference is, they are way small , and less powerful…. this fish was just curious…she could have done way more damage if she wanted to… if I was the diver, I would have been very thankful to Mr.Shark for not shredding me to pieces…

  4. That shark really had an itch it wanted to scratch. However, you didn't show us the injury. I'd guess it wasn't dramatic enough?

  5. Amazing how 'smart" people can be so dumb. Or "let's get bit to make a uboob vid" yeh cool man says Beavis.

  6. Being married is like being attacked every day by a shark. I'd feel safer in the ocean with fish around my head

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