13 thoughts on “Open Announcement 17.2

  1. Regarding Ms PEARCE…
    How can someone find herself at 5th place at the CF Games after only 8 months of Crosfitt ??? – Rich and other veterans spent years to perfect their movements and endurance , 8 month without any chemical help ? no way

  2. I love Crossfit, I do it just about every day


    watching this, it looks like a circus and the wod just feels like a gimmick, imo.

  3. It's not a bad thing, but holy shit. Dave is really just fed up with workouts being scaled down this year. I'm glad, this is a sport, test of the fittest. If you're complaining about the movements, don't be angry, if you're in RX you should expect muscle ups at this point in time. So just do scaled, and practice that movement, and fucking crush the movement next year.

  4. Do they just continue to hire their "challenged" cousin for sound? Come on, they're making millions off of the open and they can't find a single professional?

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