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  1. I tried adding all my sources to the video's description, but it wouldn't let me post all of them because it made that section "Too Long". So….
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  2. The whole time I watched CB's video, some things didn't add up. He didn't mention lines lifted right from James, (like shitload of fuck) he didn't mention how he was accused of emulation in his Ghosts and Goblins review where it randomly switches from NES to arcade version, and not one word about how his fans were mass flagging James' videos and got his channel removed from Youtube 3 times (though thankfully only briefly). But the one thing that sticks with me is that the quality of his videos never improved. Maybe that's because he deleted or shut off all the criticism he received, (constructive or otherwise) but it seemed like every reviewer from the old days got better at their craft but him… even in his last several videos he still gets factual information wrong, his effects are the same ones used 10 years ago… and he hasn't worked on his "comedy" in the slightest. Frankly I'm ashamed to have him as an representative of the midwest… trust me we never remove our 'r's from "frustrating".

  3. Hey moron, you can't give Chris Bores a "fair trial" when you don't give him a chance to respond to this bullshit. Have you sent this video to him? If you did, I bet you would have mentioned it. This is just another hit piece by a biased hack. If you are so confident in your video, send it to Mr. Bores and give him a fair chance to respond.

  4. Was Gametrailers the only way to watch AVGN videos? If not, you should have mentioned the Youtube release date alongside the Gametrailers release date

  5. 11:35 Now, I'm not sticking up for Bores or anything here, but these are the "errors" in his video? Some pretty weak stuff. The only one that's really a valid error is him forgetting about TMNT Tournament Fighters. Most of these are nitpick omissions that aren't relevant to a satirical video, and a couple are flat out erroneous. You don't need to push the cartridge down in the NES for it to work. That isn't how the connectors work. And Hyperstone Heist, while similar in gameplay and some stages, is not the same game as Turtles in Time. Just found this to be a fairly flawed list of errors. I'm a HUGE Derek Alexander fan, and it goes without saying I love Rolfe. So as I said, I'm not in Bores' corner here, but rather pointing out some pretty vacuous critiques.

  6. Why did he do it? Simple…to bring attention to his channel

    For the past few years it had been nothing more than a Skylanders channel, he doesn't even do the IG thing anymore. His growth stalled even before then, so he needed a boost.

  7. I'd actually forgotten about the arch fiend until i saw this video.
    Guy's a dickhead, i remember he blocked me from commenting on his videos a few years ago because i didn't agree with him when he was calling James Rolfe a scam artist for crowd funding the AVGN movie.
    Great way to deal with critics, just silence them.

  8. Yep that Cheetahmen game sure was a scam. I mean I ordered one and I never got it….. oh wait I DID get exactly what was promised. I got a real, brand new cart (using new parts from RetroUSB who did the job for Greg), got a box, got the manual and the comic book and the T-shirt all which was promised in that "scam" kickstarter. The game ALSO plays right to the end as well which was promised. So in all, I don't see it as a rip off if people got what they paid for.

    If people don't want to be collectors they didn't have to buy one. I am a collector hence why I bought one. Simple as that really.

  9. Honestly I saw one of irategamer videos and just got bored of one. But damn I can't tell if Chris's naysayers are making him more relevant than his lovers. But at least this shit was occurring before youtube went mad. I'm curious to know why didn't Chris jump aboard the James's media hate with flopbusters.

  10. The Irate Gamer's front page video led me to the AVGN. The AVGN was more entertaining, so i I forgot about about the Irate Gamer.

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