14 thoughts on “Rob Bell / Everything is Spiritual (2016 Tour Film)

  1. Hands down, Rob Bell is amazing & extremely insightful !! Please keep it up and helping the progression of humanity anterior !

  2. I remember the first time I saw Everything is Spiritual 10 years ago. I felt everything around in a new way. Thank you for the centennial edition. I enjoyed it very much and I can't wait for the bicentennial! Rob, keep doing what you are doing. It is always inspiring.

  3. It's sad. I enjoyed his seminar from 2012. It's quite obvious he's been bought out, whether he even realizes it or not. From the triangle board, to pushing the old earth theory, to hiding truth in plain sight with his carbon, oxygen, nitrogen om to start off, aka CON. It's a lack of discernment from true believers that perpetuate this kind of false teaching, because on the surface he seems inspiration and knowledgeable, but he's pushing a global agenda within context of his message whose implications won't be felt until the blinded masses are completely owned by the spiritual oppressors of the world. Ie Rothschilds and the banking elite. He even mentioned Titanic early on, one of the first 9/11 type orchestrated events that lead to the implementation of the Federal Reserve by eliminating the billionaires opposed to it. Smh. I'm sure my comments will have many shaking their heads, but such is life in this deceived and fallen world.

  4. Rob Bell is not a Christian, never was.  He is a New Age/Luciferian!  These people are trying to change Christianity by claiming they are Christian or were Christian but were enlightened.  He is teaching about the counterfeit Gospel, a counterfeit God.  The bible is the word of God and Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.  Don't let these people fool you!

  5. The wonder of creation and we've barely scratched the surface of our understanding. The more one delves into this stuff, the more ones heart grows bigger and empathy for others increases. How could it not. We ARE all connected. What one does affect another and the ripple doesn't end.
    The bigness both calms and overwhelms me. Learning more and more how to hold two differing ideas in my mind and heart at once.

  6. Please see that this man speaks heretical truths. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is not proclaiming the Good News of salvation through Christ. What this heretic preaches is dangerous for your soul!

  7. After watching 2 hrs of this video, here is my comment:
    Let us pray for this delusional man. I hope he abandon this demented progressive universal-ism point of view, repent and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ again.
    He is a gifted speaker and he's wasting his gift on fictional made-up story inspired by liberal progressive modernism.
    God have mercy on you Rob.

  8. Rob Bell, you are a Godsend. Keep up the great work! Ignore the fundaMENTAL problem as we continue to Evolve Spiritually. The fundamental problem? Easy, always trying to "save" us, who are always a-part-of, not apart-from that which is most Divine and Sacred.

  9. Considering that the lake of fire was penned by a guy who did not know Jesus personally, who is to say Bell is any less inspired.

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