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  2. I do disagree with the statement the Niantic support made, when disagreed that Niantic doesn’t care about rural players. The mentioned "big improvements" did not make impact in the rural issue as claimed:

    Claim: OPR has drastically improved access for rural players,
    My opinon: No it hasnt. It had more impact in bigger cities, and made gap even bigger. For example, my small town (30minutes drive away) got 1 new gym and 1 new stop. Friend that lives in the capitol city couldnt count the new gyms and stops they got, but stated that there were at least 14 new gyms that he could see from his home. And me, well, still 30minutes drive to the nearest gym and stop. So the OPR did increase the amount of gyms and stops in places that had plenty of them to start with.
    Claim: adding sponsored locations has improved access with a varying level of impact to rural players (we know we need sponsors in more places),
    My opinon: Again, this impacts the bigger cities, but not rural areas, and dont see that i will change in the future.
    Claim: adding the ability to get items from Gyms has helped address the no Poké Ball issue that plagued rural players,
    My opinon: Yes, now we get more items. But our bagpacks arent bigger, so dont see the change in this. And still, there is long drive to get to the gym. I do like this change, but it doesnt fix this issue non what so ever.
    Claim:increasing the number of Gyms so more areas have access to battle, and making changes to balance Pokémon distribution.
    My opinon: Again, the increase made the gap bigger, because the bigger cities got the increase.

    If Niantic thinks that any of theese helps the rural players, they are totally in the woods.
    What i would suggest as a solution, is that players over level 35 could suggest stops. If there arent any in 1km radius of the suggested location, it would automaticly be accepted as a stop. Theese stops wouldnt need spawns nearby, this action would add just the stop. In earlier days, there were stops without spawns nearby. Theese stops helped rural players with the rare pokemons, because they didnt have a biome, with lures in this kind of stop you could basicly get anything, even pokemon that that were considered as super rare.
    Niantic would benefit from this in the sales of lures, and probably get more players, when rural kids could also play the game again. This wouldnt fix the issue with the gyms, but it would be a start.

  3. I'm sorry but I can't. Don't spin this BS that Niantic cares about rural players. If they really did, then they wouldn't be doing these retarded exclusive area events

  4. I'm still working on gen 1 and 2… and I got none of the legendary. And most of my freinds didn't either.

  5. we need more gyms and pokestops in denmark on sjælland in langebæk there is one pokestop and that is it :i i dont have a car or a bike or other ways to get around the closest town is 15 km away :s

  6. Niantic wonders why so many people GPS spoofed when you could. That's because in small places like nashua, There are shit for pokestops. No one around here plays anymore because of it, so I'm left with not being able to do raids.

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