12 thoughts on “SAD! Hillary Clinton Waddles Through New York City — And No One Notices Her

  1. THE BIBLE—– their names will be a stench onto the people, and their monuments will not stand, Bible is right again, OF COURSE ….

  2. You know what's sad? The people that died at Benghazi and their families, all the people she/Bill have left dead in their lust for power /money, all the women/children they both have sexually raped/damaged, the billions in money they've stolen from Americans to sell out America, all the lies they have told+stress they've caused Americans…that's what's sad…not this animal waddling thru New York unnoticed.

  3. That's not Hillary you don't see any of her Entourage and there's no secret service around her she would not be walking around New York like that

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