16 thoughts on “Skiing Tips – from Beginner to Advanced with Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

  1. Decent video, I have to teach a beginner some ski techniques next week so this gave some useful tips on how to explain it to them.

    However, I feel you could have explained turning a bit more, like how you change your weight to the downhill ski and bend and straighten your legs going in an out of the turn.

  2. Being picky, your paralell turns show a stem of the new outside ski, with leading of the hip to initiate the turn. through your plough turns as well there was hip and shoulder rotation vs a rotation of the leg and release of the edges to initiate the tips to the fall line. And in the carving demo there was a divergence of the inside ski which is a follow tendency of the outside hip and shoulder closing to the hill, preventing angulation to the inside and development of inside leg strength.

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