19 thoughts on “Squeeze Tempted on Sunday Night

  1. as much as I love the Paul Carrack-led original, these guys absolutely killed it. Glen Tilbrook is magnificent! and cool to see Jools back with the gang.

  2. There is only 3 of the original Squeeze here, but still a fine job. On the program Bands Reunited we could have had a Squeeze reunion for that show. All of the members agreed to do it, including Difford and Tilbrook who were not getting along at the time, except for one, that dickhead Jools Holland! He whined about, oh I don't have time for this! F#$k you, jools holland!

  3. Damn great Band, but always thought he copied Paul McCartney style for singing and writing which don't get me wrong is a good thing!!

  4. Phenomenal sound. Simply wonderful vocals and quite awesome sax intro and solo. I wondered if those introductions [between Sanborn and the band), were genuine. i.e. They may NOT have met Sanborn before this session. A guy of his talent could have practised and slotted in his contribution on the day. Anyone know?? Either way it was sensational !!

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