18 thoughts on “Static-X – Black And White (HQ Official Music Video)

  1. Once I saw a guy that looked similar to wayne.Wayne is awesome and handsome.I wish I got my own Nu metal

  2. i never noticed the other guitarist is wearing a Manowar shirt. Remember kids: other bands play, Manowar kills

  3. People are talking about his beard and hair. How fucking gay did the tread get. So do i go to a slayer concert and say i wonder what conditioner he uses. Wtf

  4. I saw this video when I was 12 but saw it after it showed the name, went to Walmart the next day and went into the electronics section to check out the games and CD's I saw this really cool album cover and ran it through the the scanner to listen to it and chose this very song out of chance. Been into them ever since

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