13 thoughts on “Stir Fry Chicken Noodles 鸡肉炒面 | The Dumpling Sisters

  1. I have some suggestions.
    Do everything that you did, then when adding the salt sugar and dark soy to the noodles, also add in a little garlic sauce (it is a very light liquid sauce, prepared easily with some garlic, hint of ginger, some salt and sugar all in some warm water).

    For those who want a little more flavour, add in a tbsp of fish sauce.

    But wait there's more, top the cooked noodles with some thinly cut garlic sprouts, and some chives (to taste). Then cover the wok to let the sprouts' flavours incorporate to the noodles.

    BTW, digging the accent

  2. All I was looking for was a simple noodles dish. I end up getting 2 beautiful Asian women with Australian or New Zealand accents. Sometimes you just get lucky.

  3. I love your recipe but when I clicked on the recipe link, on the website page,it says it says that they can't find the recipe

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