17 thoughts on “Switch – I Call Your Name

  1. Watched the unsung episode about Switch, Robert Debarge Sr. was a sick deviant fuck. It's bad enough he physically abused the family, he molested his daughter and if that's still not bad enough and believe me, it is. The sick bastard molested his own son. His own son! Had it not been for God's blessing with talent, they never would have gotten that far.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss…. May God strengthen you and your family…. He will, you are a strong woman! God Bless You!!!!

  3. man I'm in my feelings about my baby gone too soon this one for u baby its not a day that go bye that I don't think about you. if u got somebody in your corner that u cherish live ur life if they make u happy accept it my heart so heavy if I could just get a second to tell u how I feel

  4. I loved this song from way back. Today I really appreciate it because I know what true love is.

  5. I was way to young to understand to love behind these lyrics, but I still loved this song and I have grown to appreciate the lyrics. I pray that the lead singer found his peace in Heaven that he didn't have here on earth. A voice of a angel.

  6. wow! UNSUNG brought me here… this guys voice was SO PURE! i am so sad he left us so soon, i'm so happy to HAVE THESE SONGs to remember him by.

  7. I have some who think they are hurting me they don't no they can't hurt me why I laugh every good gift every great gift cometh from above that comes from the Father of lights Amen James chpt 1 verse 17 no one can hurt me but he that physically harm me all will come back to them

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