Research Report

Define Research Report. Explain the Objectives and Types of Research Report.

Ans. The final step in any research is to complete the findings into a summarized format. It is often said that without a research report the research remains valueless as it cannot be communicated accurately and effectively to the persons who are responsible for policy decisions.

Meaning of Research Report :

A research report is more or less an official document that presents the information for an interested reader. It involves investigation and analysis and the facts may lead to conclusions and recommendation. The facts must be accurate, complete easy to find and usually must be interpreted. They provide valuable record for the business. They can also be made use of in future

A research Report can be Defined as:

“The process of communicating the results of an investigation. It is a document which reflects the research conducted and the care that has been exercised throughout the study”.

Characteristics of a Good Research Report :

(1) Grammatical Accuracy :

The grammatical accuracy of language is of fundamental importance. It is one of the basic requisite of a good report as of any other piece of composition.

(2) Accuracy of Facts :

The scientific accuracy of facts is very essential to a good report.

(3) Simple and unambiguous language :

A good report is written in a simple, unambiguous language

(4) Reader Orientation :

A good report is always reader oriented. While drafting a report, it is necessary to keep in mind the persons who are going to read it.

(5) Objectivity of Recommendation :

If recommendations are made at the end of a report, they must be impartial and objective. They should come as a logical conclusion to investigation and analysis.

(6) Clarity :

The report writer must proceed systematically. He should make his purpose clear,define his source, state his fin ding s and finally make necessary recommendations. He should divide his report into short paragraphs giving them headings.

(7) Relevance :

The facts presented in a report should be only accurate but relevant also.

Objectives/Purpose of a Research Report:

(1) To provide information to some one who is interested in gathering such information or who wishes to make use of this information in one way or the other

(2) To have the full knowledge about a fact.

(3) To make use of the report either for reference or for any other purpose in future.

Types of Report :

(1) Technical Report : In the technical report the main emphasis is on

The method employed

Assumptions made in the course of the study

The detailed presentation of the findings including their limitations and supporting data.

A technical report consists of the following aspects:

i. Major Findings and Contents : Atechnical report will contain the main findings just in two or three pages.

ii. Nature of the Research Work : This describes

The general objectives of the study

Formulation of the problem in operational items

The working hypothesis

The type of analysis

Data required, etc.

iii. Research Methodology : This explains the various methods used in the study and their limitations. For instance:

Sample Size

Sample Selection etc.

iv. Data Analysis :

The report analyses the data and their sources, characteristics and limitation. If secondary data are used, their suitability to the problem at hand is fully assessed. In case of a survey, the manner in which data were collected should be fully described.

v. Presentation of Findings :

The researcher presents his main findings of the study with supporting data in the form of tables and charts.

vi. Main Conclusion :

Here, the main findings of the research are presented and the main body of the report, usually extending over several chapters.

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vii. Bibliography :

This contains the main sources of secondary data.

viii. Technical appendices :

This contain all technical matters relating to questionnaire, mathematical derivation etc.

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